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Level 2 (Further) training in dental CBCT justification and image interpretation

20 Sep 2024 8:30 AM
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Online, In Person
6 Verifiable CPD Hour(s)
£390 for current referrers*, £460 for non-referrers

This course is the hands-on part of the curriculum to enable you to be at ease with reporting: an interactive day for all delegates who have already achieved the Level One (Core) Training in Dental CBCT.

Dr Steve Colley, Consultant Radiologist and Dr Veronique Sauret-Jackson, Consultant Medical Physicist, will be delivering the Level Two (Further) Training in justification and Image Interpretation.

CBCT is now becoming commonplace in General Dental Practice. As CBCT technology has evolved we can now use CBCT in a wider range of areas in dentistry, meaning its use has dramatically increased with more dentists having direct access and the ability to use CBCT. With this in mind, the HPA-CRCE- 010 and the latest EADMFR guidelines suggest General Dentists who are involved with CBCT need to fulfil their responsibilities by completing a certain level of education. “Two levels of training are recognized. Level 1 is intended to train dentists who prescribe CBCT imaging, such that they may request appropriately and understand the resultant reported images. Level 2 is intended to train to a more advanced level and covers the understanding and skills needed to justify, carry out and interpret a CBCT examination”

As our referrers know, we value working very close to them. Hence putting together the training that follows very tightly the HPA-CRCE-010 and the EADMFR position paper on the basic training that our referrers require and also echoes the GDC emphasis on the importance of continuing education via verified CPD.

Cavendish Imaging referrers, and all dentists who do not have their own scanning equipment and refer out their patients for CBCT, are “Prescribers” and “Prescribers who report”. For them, the EADMFR recommends the content of adequate general training.

Those who have their own CBCT scanner will also be required to complete Level Two (Further) Training for Operators course.

This Course links to Enhanced CPD Development Outcomes C and D. The CPD provided is verified and the course is subject to our Quality Assurance Processes. For more information on Enhanced CPD please contact 0121 456 0893.

*The referrer discount applies to those who referrer 6+ patients per year. If you qualify, the difference will be refunded back to your account. Please call 0121 456 0893.



-Look at various CBCT datasets on a variety of clinical applications
-Recognise artefacts that may occur in CBCT images and how this can happen
-Identify “normal” anatomy of the maxilla and mandible
-Recognise important diseases affecting the dento-alveolar regions
-Describe radiological signs of disease, including malignancy
-Use radiological terminology to define abnormalities
-Produce CBCT interpretation reports for the dento-alveolar regions
-Know when to refer cases for a second opinion.

Venue Details 

  • Friday 19th January - Class based in London
  • Friday 10th May - Class based in Birmingham
  • Monday 24th June - Class based in Manchester
  • Friday 28th June - Class based in London
  • Friday 20th September - Class based in London
  • Friday 29th November - Online (not suitable for Mac users)

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