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We launched our Education Programme because, over the years of our imaging practice and applied research, we have learnt how much can be gained diagnostically from knowing how to manipulate digital images. Our Education Programme also supports our fundamental goal, which is that you get the most out of our images.

We believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise so that all medical imaging practitioners will be able to ensure patient safety and better treatment outcomes.

CBCT and Medical Imaging technology is amazing, but can only deliver the results that will make the difference to the patient’s journey if it goes hand in hand with the correct training, education and clinical information. This is why the speakers on our Education Programme are our own staff, including our managing director Dr Veronique Sauret-Jackson, and guest speakers who are renowned for their technical or clinical expertise.

This combination of technology and insightful interpretation makes our Education Programme not only a very powerful tool for the practitioner, but one that can greatly benefit the patient, who could be anyone of us.

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